Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Book Release Announcement


I’m not only happy to release pinned-up winter anxiety to get out and about, but I’m thrilled to announce the release date of my third book, Twelve Years, which is August 24, 2021. Mark your calendars and put on your sexy specs for a peek at the storyline of my latest project:
Sage Jackson believed becoming a clinical therapist and working on other people's problems, she’d solve her own. She couldn’t have been more wrong. The nightmares that torment her are the manifestation of lies and secrets.
A New Orleans trip, home to jazz bands, French Creole cuisine, and Voodoo, was just the place for a relaxing weekend. She decides on a tarot card reading—just for fun. Fun turns into an unsettling prediction that leaves Sage in more turmoil.
She can barely keep it together since her trip, and when an abuse victim shares her story, Sage realizes no matter how educated or the numerous professional awards she's won, she can no longer hide her pain under her designer clothing. She needs to escape and regroup.
The only promising force growing in her life is the charming, Brian Foster, who left Atlanta and found success in Los Angeles. But should she accept his offer to move in with him? After all, a new life might allow her to bury the past for good. She knows it’s a lie as the past never stays buried for long.

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Monday, November 30, 2020



Long before my family and I sat at the dinner table overlooking a spread of macaroni and cheese, turkey, dressing, kale, cranberry sauce, and potato salad, I felt thankful. It seemed a month-long theme, which I had summed up with this list: Makeup, race, and oven mitts. I’ll explain it.

A week before Thanksgiving, I had a casual conversation with a friend. We discussed makeup. Now, she’s pretty without it, but I reach for my undereye concealer to take a brisk walk! The conversation veered to something more essential than covering up one’s dark eye circles, though. It was about embracing who we are on the inside.

The next day, as I shopped for skincare, still aware of yesterday’s conversation, a woman carrying an assortment of wrinkle creams and cleansers asked my opinion about the products she contemplated over. We both concluded that finding the right item for our needs was quite a chore. “In the end,” the woman said, “it’s all going to sag. It’s about what’s on the inside anyway.”

Was the universe trying to tell me something?

The day after Thanksgiving, my family and I went for a brisk walk. My daughter Faith was more concerned about beating her dad at a race he’d promised her. As they took off, I could see them both trying their hardest to pass the other.

“Who won?” I asked when I caught up to them. My daughter happily announced herself as the victor, raising her arm high into the air. My husband was winded, bent over with his palms planted on his knees. A moment later, I asked my daughter how’d she do it. She calmly said, “I paced myself. I did exactly what he’d told me to do.”

It was a metaphor for many of life’s issues.

MAKEUP: Make sure to beautify your heart. Be willing to empathize with others, judge less, love more, be kinder.

RACE: Pace yourself through life, projects, relationships, and even the awareness to slow down and rest.

OVEN MITTS: Life’s intensity can feel like an inferno, but we are protected and don’t have to carry a load of turmoil, grief, and sadness. We can cover ourselves with all that elevates us to press on.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let the warm thoughts continue through the rest of the year and into 2021!


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Wednesday, September 30, 2020



Earlier this month, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a private serenade from the violinist, Cale Brandon.

With a few guests seated in our backyard, socially distanced, Cale took his bow and slid it across the strings of his instrument, and I swear, beneath the sky with a setting sun, the heavens opened! It was truly romantic.

Per my request, the serenade ended with a song I love by the composer, Joe Hisaishi, Memory. Afterward, I shared a running joke about myself. “Everything is about death with you,” a friend teased. “What can I say, I’m fascinated by the subject. After all, at least one character from my books usually gets the ax.”

The group at our anniversary chuckled. “Wouldn’t you know it,” I said. “The song we just danced to, Memory, was from a foreign film. And you guessed it… about death!”

In truth, it is not so much that death intrigues me but what one does with his or her life before transitioning is what I find fascinating. At the point of my toast, I used the analogy of music. When we got engaged, it was at a concert. During our marriage, and to this day, we have date nights. 

We’d often attended the famous Bakers’ Keyboard Lounge in Detroit. And upon adopting our daughter, Faith, the music continued when she’d take her little fingers and intertwine them through ours, making us bob our knees to a musical tune.

In closing, I lifted my glass to the crowd, and said, “Now you all are a part of the fabric of our story. Even during these tumultuous times, music is still at the helm of our lives.” I turned to hubby, and somehow managed to sidestep my usual ugly cry, and said, “Honey, I’m so happy to spend my life with you. I know we will continue to make beautiful music together!”

Thirteen days later, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Oh. I did mention this was about a celebration. Indeed, it is, phasing out from this life to the next, leaving the very best part of yourself behind is cause for a celebration, and the onset of a different kind of anniversary!


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Thursday, August 27, 2020



Recently, and for the first time, our dog Apollo experienced one of Atlanta’s severe storms. It was heartbreaking watching him whimper as he sat by the kitchen door, away from the rumbling thunder and the violent flashes of lightning.

My daughter Faith and I knew to take cover at this point. Apollo gladly followed suit, planting himself between us and placing a paw on my thigh as we huddled on the floor in our designated spot. I could feel his little body trembling just the same.

But not long ago, I too had been in Apollo’s position with a more severe storm, windows vibrated, winds whistled, heavy rain down poured at a slant, all the while the weather alert on the television delivered a minute-by-minute countdown! Anyone who has studied film or creative writing knows this tactic for heightened excitement and fear. I was living it.

My daughter, nestled close to me on the floor in our protective corner and said to me, “Mom, I’m scared.” Little did she know I had tears welled up in my eyes, and I was thinking, me too! But I had to be brave for both of us. As our storms go, we lost power. I’m a pro now, though. I walk through the darkness to where I keep all the candles for situations like this, and I light them, freeing a way for us to see clearer. The same analogy has been true for my characters in each of my books.



Karen Williams’s storm is a mound of secrecy from her deceased mother and her sister. There’s so much resentment she has built up over the years. For years, this poor behavior plays itself until she decides to try a different path. But when the hidden truth unfolds, it sends her spiraling. But can she see her way clear to the light?



Brenda Fairbanks grew up disbelieving people and their true motives. It is no surprise she now exhibits the same behavior in her marriage. When she thinks the worst and decides enough is enough, will she make her way through the darkness to get at the truth and forgive?


To to Amazon to find out how these characters maneuver through the darkness in hopes of getting to the light. 


Monday, June 29, 2020

Her Own Words

Imagine my delight when readers started to ask, “How’d you get the idea for your story?” The question comes up often enough to where I am now giddy to share the origins of my first book Moment of Certainty with you all!

 Moment of Certainty came to me when I sat in the doctor’s office. Earlier in the day, a light temporarily blinded me in one eye.  While waiting to be seen, a nurse tended to an elderly woman in a wheelchair.  (I could still see with my good eye!)The nurse bent down, gently touching the woman’s shoulder as she spoke. The elderly woman smiled.

The gesture intrigued me with possibilities delving into their relationship. I wondered about each of their personal lives. Where’d they come from? What brought them to this point in time?  For me, the story never comes to fruition until the characters’ have burrowed under my skin.

Hence, the feisty, petite, Karen (Keekee) was born.  Her physical appearance formed in my head when I watched a dance show, and a petite dynamo with blown-out hair took control of the stage. In my protagonist’s own words, here’s her first-ever interview:

INTERVIEWER: So, how’d you come about?
KAREN: I guess ‘cause I’m flyy.

INTERVIEWER: I understand you weren’t necessarily liked in the beginning.
KAREN: Well, dang, you ain’t liked either asking me questions like that.

INTERVIEWER:  I didn’t mean to offend you. What I’m saying is you had a very compelling arc, one that eventually won over readers to where they cheered you on.
KAREN: Who told you that?

INTERVIEWER: It’s on Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, and other sights. Readers said so in their own words.
KAREN: I suppose. I was told I have layers, you know, like an onion, based on how Mama raised me, and how Val treated me.

INTERVIEWER: Since you brought her up, tell me more about Val.
KAREN:  Why’d you ask me like that? Like Val’s special or something? Well, Val is special, but she’s special to me, you know what I mean? At this point, people will have to judge for themselves about Val. I know how I feel but, well. It’s complicated.

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about Hershel, the neighborhood friend. Ah, the question made you blush. Why?
KAREN: ‘Cause. What can I say about Hershel? The dude is tops in my book. We connect more than anybody. When other people wanted to change me or be somebody I ain’t, Hershel accepted me, never judged me.

INTERVIEWER: What about Ms. Blout. After all, you were assigned to her. Did she stand-out over your other patients?
KAREN: Oh, my God. Ms. Blout. You know I used to call her Satan’s Grandma. But, Ms. Blout, she knew a lot of people before she got, you know, sick.

INTERVIEWER: It seems there’s something deeper going on. Yes? You’re shrugging your shoulders.
KAREN: I just think you gonna think of Ms. Blout as a rose, either the soft smell-good part or the thorny part.

INTERVIEWER: Judging from your story, you’d gone through so much, you and Val, and it’s quite a remarkable story, one in which you allow readers a front-row seat.
KAREN: I don’t know. But, I try not to let just anybody hang with me, get to know me.

INTERVIEWER: This story, I understand, is inspirational, one with a twist at the end. Did you suspect the ending?
KAREN: Nope. I was like a dope-on-a-rope.

INTERVIEWER: Will we see more of you? Will there be another book? Many readers have stated they’d love a sequel.
KAREN: Don’t know, but I got plenty more to say and do, so I can handle my part. You gotta talk to the lady who wrote the book, not me.

To learn more about Karen’s story, along with Val, Hershel, Ms. Blout, and more, go to my website: http://www.pamelatowns.net

Friday, May 8, 2020


At ten, I didn’t realize my fierce letter-writing efforts with my pen-pal would contribute to my path to becoming a novelist.  Back then, Eisenhower graced an eight-cent stamp, and all I cared about was spraying the right scent on the floral pages I labored over.

The letters spanned close to thirteen years of correspondence. We wrote about the boys we liked, and the ones who broke our hearts. We gossiped about the goings-on of singers and groups like the Silvers and the Jackson 5, contemplating who we thought was the cutest.

As I grew into a young woman, the letters became infrequent, while my life’s journey took center stage.  I’d found it difficult to focus on the type of writing I wanted to achieve, mostly dabbling in poetry and article writing while still maintaining a journal.

By the time the letters stopped, I attended college and pursued writing. My first published article appeared in Essence magazine. But, did those pen-pal letters help? What did it all mean for my writing future?

Today, I am a published writer, happily writing novels. I love the labor of shaping a story into something my characters tread through.  One day, though, I plan to write a book about my pen-pal and the letters we so eagerly wrote ending them with a phrase that went something like this:

P.S. Hugs, kisses, baby doll dreams. Stay cool, keep the faith, will write again soon.

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Sunday, March 29, 2020


Like most, my hubby and I didn’t foresee the pandemic that bulldozed its way into our lives and across the world.

Suddenly, our walks through the park became more relevant and checking one another’s health each day, now the norm.

The moment I find myself sinking, I refill my cup by meditating and gravitating to my writing. I continue to read books and watch old movies, in addition to goofing off with my family.

Even neighborhood walks remind me that we are all in this together. Yet, we’ve always been in this together. The human race. Life.  

These days, neighbors wave and speak more while delivering a knowing nod. I smile back and perform a hop-skip walk over yet another large area of sidewalk chalk artwork.

We will all get through this. I’ve seen it over and over amid the toughest of times; we have it within us to rise to the occasion of being kindhearted and connected. Now that I think of it, this is cause to celebrate!

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