Monday, June 29, 2020

Her Own Words

Imagine my delight when readers started to ask, “How’d you get the idea for your story?” The question comes up often enough to where I am now giddy to share the origins of my first book Moment of Certainty with you all!

 Moment of Certainty came to me when I sat in the doctor’s office. Earlier in the day, a light temporarily blinded me in one eye.  While waiting to be seen, a nurse tended to an elderly woman in a wheelchair.  (I could still see with my good eye!)The nurse bent down, gently touching the woman’s shoulder as she spoke. The elderly woman smiled.

The gesture intrigued me with possibilities delving into their relationship. I wondered about each of their personal lives. Where’d they come from? What brought them to this point in time?  For me, the story never comes to fruition until the characters’ have burrowed under my skin.

Hence, the feisty, petite, Karen (Keekee) was born.  Her physical appearance formed in my head when I watched a dance show, and a petite dynamo with blown-out hair took control of the stage. In my protagonist’s own words, here’s her first-ever interview:

INTERVIEWER: So, how’d you come about?
KAREN: I guess ‘cause I’m flyy.

INTERVIEWER: I understand you weren’t necessarily liked in the beginning.
KAREN: Well, dang, you ain’t liked either asking me questions like that.

INTERVIEWER:  I didn’t mean to offend you. What I’m saying is you had a very compelling arc, one that eventually won over readers to where they cheered you on.
KAREN: Who told you that?

INTERVIEWER: It’s on Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, and other sights. Readers said so in their own words.
KAREN: I suppose. I was told I have layers, you know, like an onion, based on how Mama raised me, and how Val treated me.

INTERVIEWER: Since you brought her up, tell me more about Val.
KAREN:  Why’d you ask me like that? Like Val’s special or something? Well, Val is special, but she’s special to me, you know what I mean? At this point, people will have to judge for themselves about Val. I know how I feel but, well. It’s complicated.

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about Hershel, the neighborhood friend. Ah, the question made you blush. Why?
KAREN: ‘Cause. What can I say about Hershel? The dude is tops in my book. We connect more than anybody. When other people wanted to change me or be somebody I ain’t, Hershel accepted me, never judged me.

INTERVIEWER: What about Ms. Blout. After all, you were assigned to her. Did she stand-out over your other patients?
KAREN: Oh, my God. Ms. Blout. You know I used to call her Satan’s Grandma. But, Ms. Blout, she knew a lot of people before she got, you know, sick.

INTERVIEWER: It seems there’s something deeper going on. Yes? You’re shrugging your shoulders.
KAREN: I just think you gonna think of Ms. Blout as a rose, either the soft smell-good part or the thorny part.

INTERVIEWER: Judging from your story, you’d gone through so much, you and Val, and it’s quite a remarkable story, one in which you allow readers a front-row seat.
KAREN: I don’t know. But, I try not to let just anybody hang with me, get to know me.

INTERVIEWER: This story, I understand, is inspirational, one with a twist at the end. Did you suspect the ending?
KAREN: Nope. I was like a dope-on-a-rope.

INTERVIEWER: Will we see more of you? Will there be another book? Many readers have stated they’d love a sequel.
KAREN: Don’t know, but I got plenty more to say and do, so I can handle my part. You gotta talk to the lady who wrote the book, not me.

To learn more about Karen’s story, along with Val, Hershel, Ms. Blout, and more, go to my website:

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