Monday, March 26, 2012


Anyone who wants to be procured as a serious writer usually seeks out the advice from writing gurus for the golden answer: how to become a successful writer.  Some writers are ritualistic by nature, while others are all over the place with little order to their writing routine.  When you talk to professional writers, they each have a set of guidelines they swear by in order to keep them on top of their publishing-game.

1. Read with a writer’s eye.

It’s hard to imagine a writer that doesn’t read.  Writers should read, in particular, the genre they want to write in.  If you love writing thrillers, then, read thriller novels.  Pay attention to how authors transition from one paragraph to another.  Be aware when they speed up the story, change scenes and add new chapters.

2. Show consistency with writing.

Regardless if you spend one hour a day or six, be consistent.  This discipline is essential.  Have a mindset to complete the projects you start, however challenging.  Check out: “34 Writing Tips That Make You A Better Writer,”

3. Stay in the loop.

In addition to attending writing conferences and seminars, reach out to various web resources such as, “Fiction Writers Connection,”; “Association of Authors’ Representatives,”;  “Daily Grammar,”

4. Invest in your craft.

Take classes as well as buy books on writing.  The Writer’s Market should be your bible.  Start your promotional strategy prior to the completion of your book.  Whether you have a large amount of money or small, you can still advance it towards your manuscript.  Promoting yourself is wise whether you self-publish or not.

5. Associate with other writers.

The best way to learn how to achieve the goal of your dreams is to learn from others who’ve gone before you.  Take heed to their successes as well as the pitfalls.  Take criticisms with the openness to achieving your ultimate goal of being a successful published author.

Question:  What are some of your writing habits?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Most people can ramble off a litany of films, stutter-free, from science fiction to romance when asked, “What’s your favorite movie?”  Some folks choose their flicks based on a particular beloved actor or director.  But real-life writers have a special affinity toward writers in movies.

Whether the character is an over-zealous reporter, cartoon, or a star-struck playwright, chances are the stories are relatable, and can inspire even the greenest of fledgling writers to complete their first draft. Oftentimes, a writer will claim the script must have come from his or her own life! Here are just a few movies with writers:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Directed by, Blake Edwards, George Peppard plays a “bought” writer. Bio on George Peppard:


Directed by, Andy Tennant.  Eva Mendes’ character plays a gossip columnist.
Eva Mendes' bio:

Interview with a Vampire

Directed by, Neil Jordan.  Christian Slater plays a reporter interviewing a vampire.  Bio for Christian Slater:  

The Five Heartbeats

Directed by, Robert Townsend, who also plays “Duck,” a songwriter. Biography on Robert Townsend:

Cooley High

Directed by, Michael Schultz.  Actor Glenn Turman’s character becomes a writer
following his friend’s death. Glenn Turman’s bio:



Directed by, Rob Reiner.  James Caan plays a successful novelist tortured by a fan.

Salem’s Lot

Directed by, Tobe Hooper.  Actor, David Soul, whose character is a writer.  Bio on David Soul:

Finding Forrester

Directed by, Gus Van Sant.  Actor Sean Connery plays a recluse writer, teaching Rob Brown how to write.  Bio on Sean Connery:

 Bio on Rob Brown:

 Somewhere in Time
Directed by, Jeannot Szwarc.  Actor Christopher Reeve plays a playwright.

Bio for Christopher Reeve:

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Directed by, P.J. Hogan, actor, Julia Roberts.  She writes reviews on restaurants.

Bio for Julia Roberts:


Directed by, Kevin Lima.  Actor Timothy Spall plays a sucker-for-love-turned-author, along with his furry nemesis, Pip, a chipmunk.  Timothy Spall’s bio:

The Help

Directed by, Tate Taylor.  Actor Emma Stone plays a novelist.  Viola Davis plays a fledgling writer. Bio for Emma Stone:

So, pop some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy a movie.  Who knows, maybe, we’ll end up watching one written and produced by you!

Question: What is your favorite movie featuring a writer?