Monday, January 6, 2020


Most people attempt some sort of a New Year’s resolution with good intentions, only to have their goals fizzle faster than Alka Seltzer Plus tablets! Yet, how do we stick to our plans for tackling new home improvement projects or bettering ourselves in the area of education or shedding a few pounds? Let’s face it: Sometimes life can get in the way, forcing us sideways when we want to go straight.

Early on, I used to jot down a long to-do list, changes I wanted to make, and hardly checking off any by the end of the year. It felt overwhelming and I simply gave up. Over the years, I’ve mastered the process. Here are my suggestions.

1)      Small lists work wonders. I limit my objectives to two or three, which allows me to remain focused. I don’t feel overwhelmed with seemingly impossible tasks that I may not complete.
2)      I am reasonable with my goals. I don’t tell myself I’ll run a marathon when I don’t enjoy walking more than two miles. (I barely will complete one!)
3)      Often, I incorporate my goal/s with my daily meditation so that I am reinforcing my plans regularly. They are always at the forefront. Because of this, I tackle some aspect of my ambitions, drawing me closer to my desired result.
4)      Depending on the resolution, I may use a vision board. For right-brainers, this works wonders because you see your plans before you with pictures, objects, and cut-out lettering.

Finally, I leave you with this sentiment as you trek through the New Year: Honor your gifts. Set realistic goals. Do the work. Don’t give up. Sidestep negative energy. Respect your dreams. Have integrity. Embrace individuals from diverse backgrounds. Cling to your faith. Meditate. Focus on helping others. Learn to relax more. Laugh. Be the light when you enter a room. Celebrate your uniqueness. Keep your word.