Sunday, March 29, 2020


Like most, my hubby and I didn’t foresee the pandemic that bulldozed its way into our lives and across the world.

Suddenly, our walks through the park became more relevant and checking one another’s health each day, now the norm.

The moment I find myself sinking, I refill my cup by meditating and gravitating to my writing. I continue to read books and watch old movies, in addition to goofing off with my family.

Even neighborhood walks remind me that we are all in this together. Yet, we’ve always been in this together. The human race. Life.  

These days, neighbors wave and speak more while delivering a knowing nod. I smile back and perform a hop-skip walk over yet another large area of sidewalk chalk artwork.

We will all get through this. I’ve seen it over and over amid the toughest of times; we have it within us to rise to the occasion of being kindhearted and connected. Now that I think of it, this is cause to celebrate!

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